Computer custom games Predator Helios 300 offers from Acer starting price of $ 1200

Announced the company Acer in the events of the conference, held recently a distinctive group of computers allocated for the games, and Predator Helios 300 is one of the possible devices that came from the company at a starting price of $ 1200, it also has a collection of the best specifications.

Predator Helios 300 Acer

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Comes your Predator Helios 300 Acer wholesale IX processors from Intel with the chip Core i7 processor, it also features Realtek screen RTX 2070 Max-Q of Nvidia, as confirmed by Acer to provide models for choices other than the Realtek screen GTX, which is expected to be Realtek screen GTX 1660 one of the choices at hand, they did not emphasize the existence of choices other than the processor chip.

Also includes Helios 300 random memory up to 32 GB RAM in DDR4 memory speed 2666MHz, as it includes two of the capacity of PCIe NVMe SSDs in RAID 0, also comes this release designed of aluminum, as it comes with distinctive framed thin, IPS screen supports a refresh rate of the tire its 144Hz refresh rate fast response, 3ms.

Predator Helios 300

Acer support device Helios 300 with cooling fans AeroBlade 3D that come in the higher versions of the hardware, it features cooling fans with a thickness of 0.1 mm, as characterized by the edges serrated at the end of the blade, with the curvature in the inner part of the Blades, where the stresses Acer on the efficiency of this design in support of the cooling perform better by 45%.


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