Complaints of light leaks, screen Note 9

What if he began to the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9 to some of the buyers even bought some of the annoying flaw to the network, the observed length right edge of the screen, when you touch the screen to the frame, what appears to be leakage of light from the bottom of the screen causes distracting large to the user.

Recall that the problem is not new with Samsung, having previously complained of the users of the Note 8 وS9, as they may not be as shocking as they seem; said by some to be what looks like key light is actually an illusion occurs due to the curved screen and reflections from the inside, it seems that the problem is not available with all units Note 9.

Reports that Samsung are looking at the problem in the status quo, has issued a statement regarding it soon. If you are experiencing the problem already, you can share your experience.

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