“Comper”.. Thermometer heat the most intelligent and easiest to use

With ease, can be for doctors and nurses, mothers and the cultures of custody of the children be reassured on the health of children and their temperature using the thermometer smart “Combi” Comper, who will in one second on most off-putting introduction to his sensitive on the front shows the temperature with accuracy.

A thermometer “Combi” Comper made from materials healthy and safe, which is the most accurate and the most intelligent and easiest to use between similar products, as it takes advantage of the possibilities of modern technology to get the most benefit possible from them.

From the “smart Combi” Comper comes accompanied by the application of intelligent, logs and view the readings taken by the thermometer, as you can process accounts for any number of people, becoming each of them a record on the application, contains the date of the decision of temperatures, and evaluation, where the app displays whether the temperature is suitable for the age of the person, or disturbing.

And through the smartphone app street, the watch can read the temperature easily on the websites of popular social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or, as can be sent with one mouse click via application Messaging, such as WhatsApp, which facilitates communication between mothers and doctors, or between the project nursery parents.

Successfully funding campaign Thermometer “Combi” smart in collecting the target amount of which, on a social networking site indiegogo, is scheduled to reach the house of Isis. by next October, the starting price of $ 39 (£700 approx).

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