Compatible new Smart Battery Case with the iPhone X? Not so simple

Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS, whose sales Apple began worldwide, can even be used with the iPhone X because of the matching shapes of the two smartphones, made sure iMore. Despite this, on the product page on the company’s official website as a compatible device you specify only the flagship machine of the current generation, while mentioning about the compatibility of the original “tens” for some unknown reason, in the description of goods no.

Wondering what to get Smart Battery Case to work with iPhone X was not immediately apparent. The original case refused to charge the smartphone of the previous generation, displaying on the display a system notification about the lack of support. This information obtained by iMore in the first minutes of interaction with the accessory, was publicized in the media and social networks and, as it turned out, in vain, because it was a false alarm.

Why Smart Battery Case not working with iPhone X

According to the editor of iMore’s Rene Ritchie, who conducted the experiment, experimental model iPhone X is banal has not been updated to the latest beta build of iOS 12.1.3, which is a major requirement for health cover. After the update was installed on their smartphone Smart Battery Case began regularly to serve him food. “Removed [initial] tweet, because the cover works with iPhone X, though I get rather contradictory results, even with iOS 12.1.3,” wrote Ritchie.

Compatible Smart Battery Case

However, if you are going to buy Smart Battery Case for use with your iPhone X, it is better still not to do. According to the content of the official website of Apple support case compatible with iPhone XS and is not designed to work with iPhone X. This means that any problems in the operability of the accessory with the original “ten” will not be considered by Apple as a warranty, and the smartphone and all can be affected by such contact.

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