Comparison cameras: iPhone X vs Pocophone F1

Perhaps no one will argue with the fact that dual camera iPhone X produces impressive quality images. Now, however, this does not surprise anyone — many Android smartphones are able to compete with the flagships of Apple. But for the sake of justice it is worth noting that we are always talking about premium devices, and similar to iPhone cost. But it seems this rule there is one exception — Pocophone F1.Famous YouTube blogger Marcus Brownlee held a large-scale comparison of the cameras of flagship devices and smartphones average price category. For this enthusiast has made a number of images on each of the smartphones with identical conditions. To obtain the most fair and objective results, the blogger showed photographs of the users, but were not told which of the smartphones were taken.

Just a comparison attended about 16 of smartphones, which were divided into pairs:

• Palm Phone and Huawei Mate 20 Pro
• Razer Phone and the OnePlus 2 6T
• LG V40 and Google Pixel 2
• XS iPhone and BlackBerry Key 2
• Google Pixel 3 and Huawei P20 Pro
• RED One is Hydrogen and Z2 Moto
• Samsung Galaxy Note and HTC 9 U12+
• iPhone X and Pocophone F1

O — iPhone X, P — Pocophone F1

G — iPhone XS, H — 2 BlackBerry Key

Surprisingly, the iPhone X and iPhone XS was eliminated in the first round, losing Pocophone F1 and BlackBerry Key 2, respectively. As noted by the voters, to determine the winner in most cases chosen a picture with bright and rich colors. As the camera of Apple’s smartphone is always distinguished by the realistic color reproduction, this result was quite expected.

Anyway, the fact that the iPhone X lost Pocophone F1 budget is very surprising. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer can be found for only 19 to 22 thousand rubles, and while he was better last year’s flagship Apple. Than not an indicator?

The winner of the comparison was a smartphone with triple Cam — 20 Huawei Mate Pro. Its photo capabilities of the flagship of the Chinese vendor was head and shoulders above all its competitors. Users noted the high quality and detail of the images.

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