Compare phones 2009 with their modern successors

Flashmob #10yearchallenge could be launched by Facbook for testing its neural network. But will it stop the users and us? Of course not. Your attention phones of 2009 and their contemporary successors. Really interesting to look at how highly developed the market for 10 years. Besides, we can roughly imagine what phones will be in another 10 years.


In 2009, the modern iPhone 3GS was considered. Compared to the iPhone XS Max it looks ridiculous and absurd. However, if we compare the device with his peers, he would be the most attractive, what can be said about the iPhone now.

In 2009, the iPhone was the obvious leader, the iPhone XS Max does not seem so today


Galaxy i7500 is the first Android smartphone, the Samsung. The device was introduced in April 2009. Galaxy Note 9 in the background looks cosmically. Could we imagine that in 10 years phones will be like tablets?


With HTC all ambiguous. Hero, released in 2009, close to U12+ looks not very bad. It is seen that at the time the HTC was the most beautiful on the market. Today the situation is reversed.


10 years ago Sony had not yet released Android smartphones, however, the most interesting device at that time is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2. The phone worked on Windows Mobile, had a 3.2-inch screen and QWERTY keyboard. In 2019, Sony plans to release a cool XZ4, and while it is possible to make a comparison with XZ3.


The most popular smartphone Verizon in 2009 was the LG enV Touch, the phone runs on an operating system BREW. Smartphones with two displays today surprise many, but the enV Touch was one of these 10 years ago. Compared to LG V40 of course, he looks ridiculous.


The company 10 years ago was the most progressive in the American market. Motorola along with HTC first began seriously to distribute Android. Droid in the background of Moto Z3 looks not that bad, agree. This is the first smartphone to market with Android 2.0 and Google Maps with navigation, he was a slider that today is a trend.


Nokia N900 on Maemo 5 is the best phone company in 2009. Look at the thickness of its body in comparison with 8 Nokia Sirocco!

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