Compare iMac 5K and iMac Pro. Is it worth overpaying?

When Apple first introduced the iMac Pro, many professionals reacted to this product with skepticism. It was assumed that inside a slim housing to be impossible to place a truly productive components, to work on the challenges. Moreover, the design of the monoblock meant the lack of any modularity. Journalists Ai spent with the iMac Pro for a year and are ready to render their verdict about expediency of purchase of this computer. Whether to pay more or is easier to take the iMac 5K?

It often happens that reproach iMac Pro is its cost. $ 5,000 for the base model is, of course, a lot of money, but you need to be aware that this is a working station for professionals. Perhaps in the Windows world you can collect and more powerful computer for the same money, but it is not macOS.

We in the editorial “working” with a base iMac Pro with 8-core processor W Intel Xeon 3.2 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD and graphics Vega 56. The computer has all the necessary ports including Thunderbolt 3 and Ethernet.

We used iMac Pro for a year, and ready to talk about its most important advantage is the cooling system. Surprisingly, the computer remains quiet even in the most challenging scenarios. Our second computer, a top-end iMac 5K (cost $ 3200) running under the same task noticeably louder. It is possible that for some users this will be the key point. Time we touched on this subject, let us compare in more detail the capabilities of computers.

Performance test Geekbench 4

iMac Pro

iMac 5K

Export the 4.5 K RED RAW Final Cut Pro X

The difference in this test was just huge. iMac Pro has coped with the heavy rendering of the video project for 6 minutes and 11 seconds, while the iMac Pro 5K in 33 minutes and 24 seconds.

Export a 5 minute video in 4K 60 FPS in Final Cut Pro X

In this case we used a demanding codec Canon Cinema RAW lite.

iMac Pro has completed the project output for 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The same scenario took the iMac 5K 8 minutes and 33 seconds. The gap is not so big, but still noticeable.

If you need a powerful computer to work on video and you’re not pressed for money, the choice is obvious — the iMac Pro. We highly recommend to choose this solution, because performance of the iMac 5K can sometimes be missed. However, if you are willing to sacrifice computing power, and are willing to put up with the noise of the fans, then maybe you should look to top-end iMac 5K.

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