Compare headphones Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods – know on the most prominent differences!

Apple now sells two types of headphones aids: regular version AirPods and the version of the most expensive AirPods Pro which was announced recently. In this article you will know quick comparison between the two speakers and to clarify the most important differences between them.سماعات آبل AirPods ضد AirPods Pro

Price. the most important difference

Price headphones Apple AirPods regular starts from 160 USD (in the case of buying a box purchase support for wireless charging the price rises up to$ 200). On the other side headphones Apple AirPods Pro price of$ 250 any more expensive about 90$ of the normal version.

This difference in price tip the headphones AirPods Pro in many aspects of the comparison, but we can’t underestimated headphones AirPods normal right because it is still one of the best wireless headsets available for purchase in all cases and may not need a lot of users to the additional features in the AirPods Pro.

(Note: we’re here in the article we talk about the second generation of earphones AirPods ordinary issued at the beginning of 2019 and not the first version issued in 2016)


Apple changed the design of the AirPods Pro totally instead of the traditional design that we’re used for years. A new design for the AirPods Pro supports standard IPX4 this makes them water-resistant and also features a ventilation system to provide the sensation of obstruction of the ear for further comfort. Headphones AirPods regular non-waterproof and.

Headphones AirPods Pro also contains earplugs from rubber, various articles can be changed other than headphones AirPods which is a one piece connected.

سماعات آبل AirPods ضد AirPods Pro

Sound quality

Both fish protein containing a slice of the Apple H1 processing photos and dealing with voice commands means the experience a distinctive sound therein. Headphones AirPods Pro communications additional benefits such as the option to cancel external noise Noise Cancellation which can be enabled or disabled, and the sound that adjusts sound to fit the internal legislation of the ear, tweeter wide board that says by making images of the highest and purest.

Battery life

Battery life is the same in both the sky two: lasts up to 5 hours in Normal mode to listen to (four and a half hours when you run the feature noise isolation in AirPods Pro) or three and a half hours when making calls.

Cargo tray, extend the battery life to 18 hours, an additional to become Work total about a full day to note that the tray purchase is shipped with a USB cable-C. (cargo tray in the AirPods Pro supports wireless charging).

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