Company Zoox get approval to launch the service connectors by using self-driving cars of California

شركة Zoox تحصل على موافقة لإطلاق خدمة موصلات باستخدام السيارات ذاتية القيادة من ولاية كاليفورنيا

After the big development in the last few years to launch self-driving cars and services, the accompanying, the company was able to Zoox from obtaining the first license from the California-dominated competition between the major companies on the launch of a service of transportation using the self-driving cars.

It was Zoox compete with 62 different company in this field to launch the service, especially companies such as Uber وWayymo. But she managed to overcome them to become the first company to launch a public transport services using self-driving cars.

On the same side, it seems that the company is so cautious now of the launch of its service, where it is available for free for currently to be paid through 2020, and that cars would be my backup driver stops driving to maintain the safety of passengers in case of any problem for the driving mechanism.

Overall, Waymo the first company to get license to launch a similar service in general, has already launched in Arizona in the US, which is considered to be less vocal and energetic from California, but the Zoox have won approval to launch the first service in the most competitive in the area.

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