Company Waymo going to open a factory for cars self-driving in the state of Michigan American


The company announced the Waymo specialized in the development of the technology of self-driving subsidiary of Alphabet of the day they plan to create self-driving cars in the state of Michigan of America. The company will, in cooperation with the Manga establishing a factory in southeast Michigan where the American will be creating self-driving cars with the knowledge that these self-driving cars that will be manufactured in this plant will Jaguar I-PACE and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

Confirmed company Waymo today that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation approved a plan to establish a factory in the state where you will be creating self-driving cars. Also approved a grant of $ 8 million USD for this project.

Obviously the company Waymo plans to increase its business. As all of you probably know, the company actually launched a taxi service self-command which you know the name of the Waymo One in the last month. Although this service is available in places is very limited, it is supposed to be launched in more places across the United States in the future, will in the end remove the drivers safe behind the wheel.

Obviously the company Waymo need for cars self-driving the management of taxi service is this, this is why they need to manufacture more self-driving cars quickly. Looks forward two companies to move into the facility by mid-year 2019, and will be fully customized to create self-driving cars of the fourth level which can deal with driving under certain circumstances. And the company Waymo that the new plant will create 400 new jobs in the region.

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