Company Waymo decide to re-drivers safety humans to the context of its self-driving


Got company Waymo specialized in the development of the technology of self-driving subsidiary of Alphabet, which is also the parent company of Google a license to test self-driving cars-free fully drivers on public roads in California. I did that for the first time in Arizona late last year. What that means is that it can test self-driving cars of the company Waymo on public roads even without the driver’s safety behind the wheel. However, it has released recently a new report says that the company Waymo has been returned by the drivers negative to the car its self-driving some of some incidents.

According to The Information, it appears that the company Waymo decided to add additional security measures to its fleet of self-driving cars through the installation of cameras to monitor driver workload. As it has been returned by the drivers safety of the humans behind the wheel. It was said that this decision was issued after an accident two lately.

Company Waymo didn’t write just put the drivers safety humans to the context of its self-driving, it now has its drivers in the context of its self-driving working some during the day, while some operate during the night to avoid exhaustion. It’s one of the ways that are intended by the company to maintain the safety of drivers behind the wheel. It is also said that cameras had been installed, addressed to the drivers having to monitor whether they have stopped working while driving the car something.

And I suggested earlier reports that the company Waymo want to launch service to rent taxis, self-driving in the city of Phoenix, Arizona in the month of December. This report, which rose today on precautions additional security hints that this may not happen, at least not in the near future as it was expected before.


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