Company Verily a subsidiary of Alphabet working on a harmless blood test


Given that our blood is going on inside our bodies, the only way to extract it would be to remove through a needle like. As a result, it is not surprising that there will be many people who do not feel comfortable with the process of drawing blood, but the other needs to make it on a daily basis to check their health, such as diabetes.

This is why it is not surprising that companies like Apple on the methods of alternative medical for a blood test. However, it turns out now that Apple is not the only one seeking it, because according to a new report released recently from the website of CNBC, it has been said that the company Verily a subsidiary of Alphabet in turn a similar technique can be included in wearable devices in the future, such as smart watches.

This is not the first time this company expressed interest in the technology, medical and non-harmful. As we have said, is the use of a blood test to help monitor glucose levels in diabetics, but several years ago, it was Google Inc (before the formation of the Alphabet ) using already known concepts, a similar technology, such as the lens of the smart work can also be used to monitor the glucose levels in the blood.

It remains to be seen whether the ambitions of the Verily will clear or not, but the report of the CNBC refers to that the launch of this device may be thrown away where there is no doubt that the company will face a range of obstacles, technical, regulatory and alike. This also applies to the system similar to that working on Apple, which said that we still have to wait for a long time before that turns into a physical product.


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