Company Urban Massage outbreaks the database of its customers a full

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According to TechCrunch the company Urban Massage an emerging company headquartered in the UK and providing massage services and recreational and therapeutic and today known as the council’s Urban; it has leaked all the information of their customers and it upgrades your database to the network without a password via the engine host with Google ElasticSearch, where they kept it open to anyone to enter and peruse the hundreds of thousands of records, by staff and customers, including individuals with expertise in operations research in particular access to the database and modify them or even delete them.

The researcher in the field of security and protection Oliver Hugo informed TechCrunch it after he found a database of the customer to buy Ubran by search engine Shodan, the competent organs of the databases exposed, didn’t know the length of time that I’ve stayed this information available to the public; or did you get one of them or the keep information they contain Before be withdrawn by the company.

The number of leaked records 303.000 include personal data such as name, email and phone number and record number code reference called for friends to get special discounts, commented the executive director of the company by a special address on the issue by saying that the company consider this as an emergency and dangerous and they will take all steps necessary and appropriate.

The information in the leaked records the door of the personal data of the customers and the crew to contain the number of complaints of workers in the company of the customer and how to treat them and abuse complaints employees of some special requests, which are owned by customers.

However, it can be seen clearly that the settlement will not include any financial information as credit cards or financial accounts to customers, but keep the process of figuring out the database from the scope of the theft to the public is a mystery but that won’t change anything, they have become shopping for real now, and the company carrying the sword of his data protection act new fine may reach 4% of the revenues of the company’s annual report.

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