Company Ubisoft stresses that the appliances next you’ll deal with giant leap from the current generation


There is no doubt that fans of video games are waiting eagerly for next generation devices from companies Sony and Microsoft, and that is the transfer fee and great for the current generation. In fact, we stopped long ago to be the point is so huge, and that because of pressure for “Jaguar” in the current hardware, and the point mass achieved by the company AMD at this level with architecture processors Ryzen successful. Point at the level of the wizard in particular will be huge, especially with the move to chip 7 nm.

Alain Corre of the company Ubisoft, the French conducted an interview with The Telegraph, the British, and stated that he doesn’t really know what fans want and how it will be the role of broadcasting services in the next generation, but he knows that the next-generation consoles will deal with a giant leap from current-gen consoles, and that’s great for the owner of the content, such as Ubisoft because they always wanted to be at the heart of technological development.

The evolution of Technology says Alan leads to the granting of the ability for developers to create surprise and bring ideas and game modes new, like Watch Dogs and new that resulted from the development of techniques of artificial intelligence new.

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