Company Triumph decides to work on her bike to Electric to counter the competitors


Renowned companies in the field of motorcycle industry like Harley Davidson is working on electric bikes, so it was only a matter of time before a company Triumph on the same step. In fact, I’ve declared this British company is the industry leader in motorcycles, they also work on the electric bike so that I decided to cooperate with the company Williams Engineering for this purpose.

Project will aim to Triumph TE-1 to develop an electric drive for an electric bicycle in two years. Will help company Williams Engineering in the project. Those who watch racing big bikes, they will be familiar with Williams Engineering.

Will be the company Williams Engineering responsible for the development of batteries for this engine. Considered Integral Powertrain, another partner in this project will focus on electric motor while the University of Warwick and University research developed. The overall design and development process will be the responsibility of Triumph.

I don’t mean to start this project that I have Triumph plans to all about motorcycles gasoline-powered. The company has launched the bike Triumph Rocket 3 TFC a month ago just, a bike that has engine amazing featuring three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters. However, the real start of this project shows that the company Triumph don’t want to bury themselves in the sand, but you want to prepare for the future.

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