Company Tesla know the hacker hack the car Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Pwn2Own is a contest to penetrate the moral organized every year. Addresses researchers Security from all over the world to hack the browser and applications for companies, software, Virtual, Programming, servers, smart cars to get the financial rewards are huge. And in this year, the company Tesla introduction of its electric car Tesla Model 3 to be a target for these security researchers in order to find out if there are security gaps could be exploited to hack into this car. Thus, this can help a company Tesla to know the weaknesses of its policy in order to patch them and make them safer in the future.

This year’s edition of the Pwn2Own contest will be held in the city of Vancouver in the period between 20 and 22 March. Will be managing this contest by TrendMicro the Zero Day Initiative which choose software and hardware that will get the researchers gung hacked note that these products are usually subsidiary companies of the technical the big boys like Google and Apple and Mozilla and Microsoft and Oracle and other companies.

The company encourages Tesla security researchers to try to find weaknesses in car Tesla Model 3. The company launched the first programme of rewards in 2014. Moreover, it has also increased the amount of compensation of 10 thousand dollars last year to 15 thousand dollars with the knowledge that the rewards program of the company covers all company policies, servers, services and applications hosted.

It will be interesting to definitely know if any of the security researchers present at the competition able to find the security gaps in the context of the Tesla Model 3. There is a great incentive for these researchers to show their best, researchers the winner will be able to return to the house with the car Tesla Model 3.

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