Company T-Mobile related to for hacked to 2 million of its users

شركة T-Mobile تتعرض لحملة اختراق لمعلومات 2 مليون من مستخدميها

Announced T-mobile the competent services of the internet connection and one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, knows her position to steal information 2 million users, the company explained that the campaign team of the piracy, discover the process to steal the private information of its customers, in August 20 any 3 days ago, but she announced last night.

The company added that the stolen information does not include any financial information as credit cards, or social security, and it did not penetrate any of the passwords.

While the breached information included: email address, ZIP Code as well as phone numbers and the number of accounts and types. Police were sent to customers who have hacked into their accounts a letter stating that she reassured her clients the others not to worry, it didn’t get the message wasn’t within the category of the inventor.

The number of customers the Company Read 77 million, a hacking longer accounted for 2% of the total number, and look T-Mobile any clarification about where the hack only that from outside the borders of the United States.

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