Company SpaceX intends to launch a rocket towards the small asteroid is heading towards Earth compared to $ 69 million

Space X Launch

Got company SpaceX, owned by inventor and businessman famous Elon Musk on a contract worth 69 million USD from the agency NASA to change the course of Cup in the space. Basically, you will be shocked this cup which is heading towards the planet Earth by a rocket to change its course hoping it would be enough to save the planet.

Will important NASA Double Asteroid Redirection Test on something called the cause of the war. This works by sending a spacecraft to high speed or more to the evening cup that is approaching the Earth. If the job succeeds, you’ll be able to redirect the cup away from the orbital path of the Earth.

I already showed the space agency NASA this on a smaller scale with the mission of Deep Impact in 2005. The goal of NASA is to do with important NASA Double Asteroid Redirection Test is to reduce the reaction time that would be required to avoid the effect of Cup disaster on the ground. Depends at the present time that it will take up to two years to accomplish in the case of small asteroids and possibly even 20 years or more rocks.

What’s very interesting is to see whether the stimuli of war will be effective against the asteroids are big. Overall, will provide more information on this topic when the job starts in the month of June of the year 2021.

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