Company Sonos open-minded about the idea of merging the digital assistant Siri in the speakers own

Sonos one

We know that speakers company Sonos come with the digital assistant Alexa, the credit for this is largely due to Amazon, which decided to make the space their digital Alexa available for third-party developers. However, not everybody likes to use the Alexa because some prefer the Google Assistant, or even Siri.

To mention Siri, the news is semi-good news is that if you want to see the speaker company Sonos features the digital assistant Siri, it appears that the company is open to this idea. When I spoke with the site The Verge, explained the CEO of Sonos, Mr. Patrick Spence, said that his company is open to the idea of embedding digital assistant Siri in its own speakers in case if you let Apple do it.

According to Mr. Patrick Spence, has stated by saying : ” I think that at the moment, the Apple to determine whether will open Siri to third parties or not, but we have a good relationship with Apple, we have had some conversations about this and look forward. “ When it comes to Apple, it has made the company’s digital assistant Siri available to developers, but maybe not to the level that she was hoping for company Sonos.

For those who are looking for smart speakers with the digital assistant Siri, the best bet and the only one so far is the HomePod. This also means that Apple doesn’t want to be using Siri in a speaker the other pictures because it will make the HomePod less interesting for consumers who will receive other options from other companies, perhaps with technical specifications better and cheaper price compared with the HomePod, but who knows, may change things in the future.


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