Company SoftBank may in turn remove the equipment Huawei network calls own


It seems that the business of Huawei in the telecom sector is facing some risks in recent years. Amid concerns about the use of communication equipment, a subsidiary of Huawei spy for the Chinese government, decided by a group of telecommunications companies remove equipment Huawei network calls own cellular and replacing it with another of the European companies. And now, here we are with a new report says that the company SoftBank in Japan turn now replacement equipment Huawei on the OWN network.

Company SoftBank has already import some equipment from some European companies. However, it should be noted that the company has SoftBank longer working relationship with Huawei in Japan, this means a relationship work longer than any telecom company, another Japanese.

The report from the news agency Nikkei says that the company SoftBank is planning to replace the equipment for networks 4G manufactured by Huawei, with other of my company, Ericsson, and Nokia. It is not surprising to hear that given the fact that the United States calls on its allies since the period for the use of equipment Huawei.

SoftBank is the third largest telecommunications network in Japan. The report indicates that the company does not rely solely replacement equipment Huawei current, but will also work on the import equipment 5G of my company Nokia and Ericsson instead of Huawei.

Did not confirm the company SoftBank itself of the content of this report or to reject it. Said a spokesman for the Japanese company to report the Nikkei is based on speculation and has not been making any formal decision yet.


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