Company Russia closed investment round of $ 4 million real

لوسيديا تغلق جولة استثمارية بقيمة 4 مليون ريال سعودي

The company announced the line one of the leading companies in the field of analysis of social networking sites on closing a round of investment class “A” worth 4 million SAR. This round was led by company incubators and accelerators business “BIAC”, and the small and medium enterprises “enterprises”.

The move is part of a bold investment that is designed in cooperation with units of local content and private sector development “development”, as well as the group Abu Nyan Holdings, and a number of other investors in the region.

And Abdullah Al-Asiri, founder and CEO of about it by saying “the success of this tour back to the excellent performance of the company’s significant growth over the past two years which has strengthened the company’s position in the interests of the company that is working on developing better artificial intelligence techniques to identify and monitor content of social media and digital channels, this will help us to invest on product development and technical solutions according to the best global standards”. As noted by the company’s co-founder Hatim full to that this round of investment will place a line in the target markets and will undoubtedly expand customer base and explore more opportunities in the market.

He explained the governor’s public authority for small and medium-sized “facilities” and chairman of the board of Directors of Saudi investment the bold engineer Saleh bin Ibrahim Al Rasheed, that directly bold investment aimed at supporting and stimulating the proliferation of private equity fund capital is bold, stimulating financing environment for entrepreneurs in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to cover funding gaps for existing business emerging, next to the raising of investment opportunities in SMEs and to contribute in increasing the success rate of business startups and the continuity of its growth.

For his part, CEO of incubators and accelerators business (BIAC) Mr. Nawaf Al-Sahaf expressed his happiness with this investment which comes within the strategic plans to enrich the GDP to achieve Vision 2030 by supporting the most promising companies that will lead the UK’s transition to an economy based on innovation and progress, noting that the company’s investments in Russia constituted a good opportunity to localize this technology and developed, we look forward to working with the team to Russia and help them to grow and achieve our common goals.

Recall that the company line was established in 2016, and has managed the company during the two years of the development of advanced techniques in artificial intelligence to provide solutions and services analysis and monitoring of social networking sites and digital channels enabled by access to strategic partnerships with international companies and won a number of awards and access to a large number of customers which enabled them these advanced solutions the ability to measure marketing performance and brand reputation accurately, improve their image mindfulness in the market.

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