Company Oppo patent for a smartphone retractable includes one screen


The company ZTE late last year to issue her smart phone rollaway ZTE Axon M, also confirmed that Samsung is working on a similar device called Galaxy X. the latest company to decide to enter to compete is the Oppo that got a patent for a smartphone similar. It has a detailed external, once that’s done opening the phone the folding will be like a part of the screen.

The information included in the patent indicate that there will be dual camera on the back of the phone Oppo rollaway. When you close the phone, you can use one side for making calls, while you can use the other side to take self-portraits using the front camera and what looks like LED flash.

The patent developed by the company Oppo is just for illustration purposes, but it should be noted that the upper and lower frame looks huge. Side frames will be skinny and one of them will be literally non-existent when it is folded phone to its basic form.




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