Company OPPO opens Research Centre in the field of intelligence line and 5G networks

Competition is growing daily in the field of Artificial Intelligence Technology of 5G, and represents the R & D and the latest Battleground in the field of smart phones, we find major companies such as Apple and Huawei increase its budget significantly in this section.

According to the latest reports, Apple is on its way to spend $ 18 million in its fiscal year 2018, while the Huawei R & D spending to $ 13.8 million in the last year.

Now similar to the large companies announced the OPPO the Chinese for the opening of the research center of its own that is interested in developing techniques of artificial intelligence and network technologies of wireless communication 5G .

مركز ابحاث OPPO

According to Chinese media, it will be the center for research and development of several new branches in several cities scattered around the world, including the city of Beijing, China and also Japan as well as United States.

It will focus the new center on three basic things are software and hardware standards, will also be the center for OPPO new research on the technique of الـ5G, and techniques of artificial intelligence AI, to the side of the image processing, and the use of new materials.

This news came a few months after the Declaration of the company Oppo as a partner in the initiative 5G Pioneer of Qualcomm . At the time of that announcement the company said Qualcomm that the initiative will explore the ” applications and new experiences for mobile that enables fifth-generation, along with transformative technologies such as AI and IoT “

The company was OPPO the Chinese had announced earlier about its future plans to strengthen its partnership with more universities around the world, especially in the areas of scientific research and Technology of modern communications.

The company currently partnering with Stanford University to develop techniques of artificial intelligence, coupled with her research and to participate with New York University about 5G technology.

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