Company Oppo is working without it on a new flagship phone equipped with the processor Snapdragon 855

Oppo Find X

Today was the monitoring of new information on the platform performance tests Geekbench revealed to us that the company Oppo is working turn on the new smartphone includes a processor Snapdragon 855. This phone on here carries the code name for Oppo Poseidon.

As usual, the platform performance tests Geekbench doesn’t reveal a lot of details about this phone, but it looks like it works good, at least according to tests achieved in the tests. Regardless of the processor Snapdragon 855, it has been monitoring this phone also features 6GB of RAM, and pre-Android 9 Pie the latest from Google.

Could be the phone for Oppo Poseidon who was spotted today in the tests is the successor of the phone Oppo Find X, the latter is the only phone in the lineup for Oppo, which uses the processor Snapdragon 845, issued by the company to Qualcomm in the last year.


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