Company Ookla revealing the first map to track the evolution of the techniques of the fifth generation around the world

شركة Ookla تكشف عن أول خريطة لتعقب تطور تقنيات الجيل الخامس حول العالم

Started people around the world wonder more about how the development of 5G technologies and especially after the launch of smart phones that work with this technology companies and competition of some of its priority, and that countries such as South Korea layer substantially next to each other states in Europe and North America, some seek to find out the date and access technical for his country.

Therefore, the company Ookla which stands behind the site of the Speedtest competent leadership connection speeds around the world launched map lab tracking the development and spread of technology the fifth generation around the world, including the Arab states.

The map shows the figures about the number of points the development of the fifth generation in the areas in which work is carried out at the current time, and when you click on any number to show the sub-areas in which the development of technical with to clarify whether the technical key for commercial use or for development.

Of course, the Gulf region was strongly present in the provision of technical as soon as possible, especially in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and in more than 6 different points in Al Khobar, Abu Dhabi, Doha. These points are between the 303 points around the world have been identified and added to the map Ookla to track the techniques of the fifth generation; and which can be viewed here.

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