Company NVIDIA know about the 3 cards graphics new series of RTX 2000 GPU

RTX 2000 GPU نفيديا

Many of the leaks took place in the past period, on what the new cards from Nvidia, to come to the police and officially about 3 cards from a series RTX 2000 GPU which is mainly dependent on the architecture of Turing, which we published to launch in earlier.

Revealed the American company for a card today in the gallery Gamescom, which was held in Berlin, and the new cards names of RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 وRTX 2080 Ti. Featuring new cards with a Tracker beam, which is based on tracing the path of the light beam for each pixel in the image process of the complex, is where the simulation of the effects of the fall of the beam on the virtual objects.

The company offered her card to enjoy the strongly Tool the top 6 times from cards graphics processors in previous generations, given the high resolution display especially for games that need the specification of particular legal discrimination, in all its details.

The card price RTX 2070 is the least amount of$ 599, then followed by card RTX 2080 SR$, and the last Layer and the top price is the RTX 2080 Ti, it costs 1199$. And still the details are limited about the new cards for a moment, to find out all the information about it, it seems we have to wait for the launch date on 20 September .

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