Company Nintendo is planning to release 2 to 3 games for smart phones every year


Company Nintendo offered very good performance in the market of home consoles thanks to your Nintendo Switch which continues to claim more sales in all over the world, which makes the failure of the Nintendo Wii U part of the past. Apart from the launch of your Nintendo Switch, has decided the company Nintendo recently launched a range of games on portable game consoles equipped with Android and iOS, which the company refused to do in the past.

Now, the president and CEO of Nintendo, Mr. Shuntaro Furukawa confirm the commitment of the new gaming mobile devices, it has once again confirmed in an interview with the Japanese press Kyoto Shimbun that the company plans to launch of the game two to three games per year. Moreover, it was explained that the company does not have plans to work only on smartphone games.

It seems that this comes as a response to a recent article where offended some explanation comments Shuntaro Furukawa about the future of the company Nintendo. Mr. Shuntaro Furukawa has previously stated that in the future, perhaps in the very distant future, will depend company Nintendo for the manufacture of home consoles. Came to this comment to clarify the public opinion that the company Nintendo has flexibility and adapt to change, and therefore it is not a sign that the company is planning for what you’re doing now in any time soon.

Added Mr. Shuntaro Furukawa : ” we don’t want games Nintendo Switch to play like smartphone games, or vice versa. Our goal is to attract people interested in the characters and Nintendo increase the fan base of our own “. At the present time, it is still not clear what are the games that the company plans to Nintendo to bring it to smart phones this year, but we know that the company is working on the game Mario Kart for smartphones, a game that is likely to be released in the month of March next.

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