Company Niang, you up the value of the market to$ 4 billion after receiving a $ 245 million from IVP

شركة نيانتك تصل لقيمة سوقية 4$ مليار بعد حصولها على دعم بقيمة 245$ مليون من IVP

The company announced Niang you a developer of augmented reality games and game pickup campers Joe yesterday about the collected amount of$ 245 million in financing round second degree by company Capital invest American IVP.

Where will this funding a number of strategic investments is important from several companies such as: aXiomatic Gaming and Battery Ventures وCRV Samsung Ventures, to the value of the company Niang you market after this huge funding of about $ 4 billion.

The company will exploit this capital in the investment in the techniques of augmented reality to keep on remaining at the forefront in this area you will invest in smart technology, modern tools of machine learning to the level of games that you provide to the public via the platform of their own games, augmented reality.

While the company already to expand the scope of its work for the current year where preparing to fire game Harry Potter which will be held in accordance with the mechanisms of augmented reality followed by the company in accordance with the physical environment surrounding the player is similar to the game “Beck’s lemon Joe,” which hit millions obsess over the time of its launch.

In expressed IVP for almost all the enthusiasm to provide this financing to buy the Niang you to be as involved in construction and expansion of future technologies of augmented reality, where the police described them as offering augmented reality magic is molded in the Games highly popular. It may be asserted that this funding will serve as a big boost line to develop itself effectively may save us for mg of augmented reality games in the near future.

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