Company mezzo unveils first phone in the world without homes

You ever use a phone without a USB port to drink? Without the sound? Without the buttons? And without even a separate company? Of course you haven’t experience it but this is a phone marked the Meizu zero New revealed by the company earlier.

Company mezzo revealed about the phone but the real benefits ( except for Mike Of course pictures) were excluded from police charging port charger Wireless is the fastest in the world now strongly 18W.

Or buttons side of most touch screen through the accounts present on the side of the phone with regard to sound will uses the phone screen OLED technology supports broadcast images through the screen itself and of course has been replaced towels normal slide by Slide electronic ESim.

The technique also works phone processor Snapdragon 845 also offers technical insight touch screen inside the screen that comes up the size of 5.99 inch and the phone also cameras double of Strictly 20 and 12 megapixels.

The phone supports face recognition technology and is also waterproof according to IP68 it is expected that the company characterized the disclosure of more details and timings prices for this phone soon.


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