Company Lyft offering incentives bank discounts on safety and maintenance to maintain their drivers

شركة Lyft تقدم محفزات بنكية وخصومات على السلع والصيانة للمحافظة على سائقيها

Seeking company Lyft to maintain its market share in the transport of participatory development and its services at the time of the trade where the big competition by Uber; which is inseparable from the expansion of its investments day after day, in order to promote this track has Lyft laying the number of physical stimuli to maintain their drivers of the consequences of preference work for the competitor, where announced about providing them bank accounts without fees or commissions as well as discounts on many goods and maintenance of vehicles.

The company has launched its service for drivers officially under the name “Lyft Driver Services“, which entitles the driver to take advantage of the bank account without any fees and the use of the company card Lyft Direct where can get his share of water after every ride.

Services also include care of the driver receiving the discounts allow it to recover a rate of 1-4 % when you use your card to purchase goods, whether of vegetables or varieties of other food as well as fuel, and that new stimuli provide the participation of the company by up to 50% in operations and maintenance for cars, where the company believes that these liens represent the point of attracting good drivers and competitive in the market.

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