Company Logitech know $ 2 billion to acquire the company Plantronics


It seems that the company Logitech is seeking to expand its empire even further. It’s only a few months ago that the company confirmed that it will acquired the company Blue Microphones. And now, here we are with a new report says that the company Logitech is also interested in acquisition of US company specializing in the manufacture of headphones called Plantronics, has made an offer worth $ 2.2 million USD to the company.

Reported news agency Reuters that the company Logitech is in talks to acquire Plantronics, an American company that manufactures headphones Bluetooth headphones gaming. If the deal is reached, it will be the largest acquisition to buy Logitech at all, and will shed light on its efforts to increase the diversification of its business.

Has introduced the Logitech more than US $ 2.2 billion on the company Plantronics. If the negotiations ended successfully, could be the official announcement on this page later this week. However, the warning of the sources mentioned in the report that it is also possible to end the talks without signing any agreement.

Companies refused Plantronics comment on it when reached by the author while not using Logitech to his request for comment. One of the reasons that it was said that the company paid Logitech for talks with the firm of Plantronics for to deal is the effort to reduce manufacturing costs and reduce the impact of tariff Management Trump on imports from China to the United States.



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