Company Jaguar choose self-driving cars you view the way, Where Are you going


If you consider a self-driving car by the way, how do you know where you’re headed? Natural to look at the flashing side to see if she was going to the left or the right, as happens if there is a driver and a human behind the wheel. However, it may be lagging a bit when driving the car on its own, but not anymore because the company Jaguar came to a new solution to this. It’s tested technology to allow the view direction that will be to the car self-driving to others.

Company has developed the Jaguar system is able to display the direction of the car self-driving on the road. In fact, this system displays a series of bars optical from the front of the car to the direction you’re going, the car to determine whether you will continue or whether you should stop.


Can reduce the gap between the bars or expand to show the changes that occur at the level of secret. Thus to facilitate these bars on the understanding of what you do to the car after that without having to consider it with caution.

Choose a company Jaguar this technology to cabins and self-leadership of the company Aurrigo with the knowledge that this is the same company that helped companies Jaguar on the technology that launched them to the name of the ” eye Virtual“, which is another way to show visually the intention of self-driving cars.


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