Company iFixit takes you to a journey inside the iPhone with covers Insight new

Company has released the iFixit regularly wallpapers show the inner part of iPhone is different, but the company is now taking a step further. Yesterday, it announced iFixit for a new set of covers for the iPhone that displays the phone’s internal iPhone for all to see.

Available coverings Insight in two different forms: the first, showing the parts of the iPhone internal “as if you’ve just raised the screen”, and the second, “X-rays, which show what’s inside your device by looking at it from the rear by X-ray.

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In terms of protection, these covers are made of thermoplastic polyurethane – which means they provide an extra layer of security.

Expect covers Insight new from iFixit for every iPhone back to the iPhone 6, including the latest devices iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR. It’s available for $ 10:

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