Company HTC will stop manufacturing smartphones, according to a new report

HTC U12+ 9987

It’s no secret that HTC is facing hard times in the market. I was bleeding money, market share over the past years. Even the launch of the phone +the HTC U12 did not help the company much to change their situation dire. As a result, it is not surprising to hear now that the company has become a manufacturer designs, which means they will no longer manufacture its smart phones.

It is estimated that the company HTC is working on a new phone from the middle class carries the name of HTC U12 Life will be released in the autumn of this year, but HTC won’t manufacture this device yourself. The developer of the famous LIabTooFeR who was behind the leaking of many of the correct information about HTC products in the past say Now that HTC will turn to the manufacturer’s designs, and ODM service.

This means that the company HTC will design the hardware while will take care of other company tasks the manufacturing of those phones so you don’t have to use the own manufacturing facilities or staff for this purpose. This method might be suitable to reduce costs for the people that find it increasingly difficult to sell its smart phones to the customers.

It is reported that the phone HTC U12 Life is the only phone at the moment which company will the HTC design and the task of its manufacture to another company. In the case if this step HTC to cut costs, it is likely to start in doing this with their other organs also.


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