Company HMD to learn how to sell 70 million phones to Nokia in two years

On the occasion of the anniversary of the beginning of the HMD owner of the brand Nokia, the company announced it managed to sell more than 70 million phone running Android from Nokia during the years of the past.

The company confirmed that its phones the most popular come in the price range between 300 to 400 euros, this means that they have succeeded impressively in the category of phones available and cheap such as Nokia phones 7 Plus and the Nokia 6.1.

On the other side the company reported that its phones with specifications and prices relatively high did not get the expected success like Nokia Phone 8 Serpico will be working to solve this problem, the future status of the advantages of the attractive to more consumers.

Also reported HMD that its phones are still very popular among the elderly, where the company sold more than 50 million phones to people over the age of thirty, but the company confirmed that it aspires to attract the youth of the twenties its brand in the near future.


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