Company HMD takes two Nokia phones old and you need them!

The company HMD revive the phone from old Nokia phones with a range of updates and improvements appropriate to the requirements of the current market, these phones are Nokia 106 and Nokia 230 .

I got phone Nokia 106 new on the design of the old version of it but with some major improvements, like adding a SIM slot again increase the area of its storage with memory еьтра to 2000 instead of 500, 500 text message, it was also raising the Ram to 4 MB instead of the Mega one in the old.

No camera is available, and sufficient storage space available for images, nor can the company for the 1.8-inch 120×160 pixels to be suitable for the bigger games, it’s perfect for some games Snake Xenzia for example.

Phone Nokia 106 is available in its new release with the color of his usual dark gray, and comes with a battery capacity of 800 Milli-amp able to run the phone for 15 hours straight without a problem.

On the other side never gets Nokia 230 new features, only two new colors-light gray and dark blue, with the Keep screen is 2.8 inches rear camera accurately 2 megapixel and the other front accurately 2-megapixel.

There’s also Rama the 16-megapixel camera and a MicroSD card slot provides the storage capacity up to 32 GB. Finally, the large battery capacity of 1200 milli-amps back to the batteries Nokia’s long work.

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