Company HMD launches its phone Nokia 6.1 in Europe


The company announced the HMD world on her phone the Nokia 6.1 in February during the exhibition MWC 2018, despite the disclosure of the specification of the phone that includes the memory access random 4 GB, internal memory 64 GB, but it did not disclose the Launch Date of the phone, however, the latest report revealed that the phone has already become available for sale finally in Europe.

According to the published site phonearena India, the first state that reached by the phone is “Germany”, where users who prefer to get on the phone to buy it from Germany for more than 302 Euros or 355 dollars, so it can get the phone from a store Amazon Germany at a price of 323 euros, which equates to about $ 380, with regard to the arrival of the phone users, it is expected to arrive during the next few days, the users who request it from Amazon, it is expected to arrive by 19 June.

The phone features added to the ” RAM ” memory 4 GB internal memory 64 GB, Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Dual-Core, in addition to the 5.5-inch screen is great, with a powerful battery of 3000mAh which is the latest devices that join the program Android One, which means that were included with the system Android 8.1 Oreo directly, however until now did not disclose the other states that will get it the phone.


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