Company HMD Global Oy is working on a fix for camera Nokia 9 PureView, user insight

Nokia 9 PureView

The phone has become Nokia 9 PureView in the hands of consumers for more than a week, but in this short period of time has been monitoring some of the problems in the phone. Thus, this payment primarily responsible for products in the company HMD Global Oy, Mr. Juho Sarvikas out to the Twitter network and confirm that it will fix these problems.

The first problem that was spotted and she gives the camera when the battery is low, low voltage is the culprit here. This is not the only problem posed users, the application of the camera is also facing a hard time when it is activating mode depth Depth Mode and DNG RAW at once.

The following issue that has been monitored in phone Nokia 9 PureView lies in the sensor fingerprint built-in screen, it is not reliable very much, but the company is working HMD Global Oy to improve it also. It should be noted that this is the first time ever that the company HMD Global Oy include sensor fingerprint in the screen of a smart phones. Moreover, I Nokia 9 PureView is the first smartphone of the company be provided with five cameras in the back, but it is clear that there are some problems that should be solved.


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