Company Essential work on the phone different design and very long

Announced the Essential which was founded by the developer of Android Andy Rubin they work on the new phone shows that it carries a unique design.

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When the company launched the essentials phone by the PH-1 which protects the infrastructure for the Android OS thanks to the presence of the developer of the system, Andy Rubin, its owner a lot of words, but on the contrary with actual interaction on the ground which didn’t show an affinity of the users towards it for various reasons, despite of its beautiful design and the fact that from the basis of the phones that carry the protrusion on the top of the screen time, to be the company on the development of phones for a while before returning again.

And it seems that the company want to work for a unique design as it did with her ex, where he posted pictures for very long.

The company launched a development project Phone Project of the Gem before making the official name of the Independent, where she began the process of tested newly just.

The phone also features the perspective from the Essential design with the dimensions of the long and large compared with the existing phones in the market with a four-color glossy and fun, but can say that its facade and the corners are shaped to a large extent with The Shape of the Galaxy Fuld with its screen External when folded, either in the back it has a camera in the middle of the top with the sensor to visually finger down on what it looks like.

Because of the length of Al-far’a to the phone, the company developed the user interface to display apps in an appropriate manner but to develop the basic system is just as it sounds.

Referred to Bloomberg talked earlier about the development of the company for a new phone a small depends on the artificial intelligence assistant Google.

Then the company after the announcement of the expected launch of more phones PH-1 on the market as soon as the quantity to focus on the development of a new generation of phones, to get us out certainty now detects the primary details of the phone.



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