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شركة Essential تستغني عن 30% من طاقم عامليها

Took advantage of the company is Essential today for the equivalent of 30% of the crew by factor of 120 staff, which included downsizing the staff of the Department of sales and marketing and manufacturing devices, and this is surprising to buy suffered from several crises since the launch of the device, which did not rise to the proportion of high sales and even layer the purpose of which announced the company’s founder Andy Rubin in the detection capabilities of the Android system in an integrated manner different from the experience of other phones, as it is considered one of the founders of the system and informed when it.

The process of downsizing this following the crises of the Dublin police and tried without launch copy again from her smart phone where scrapped its plan in this area, and stopped also the development of a domestic helper suitable for all of the Amazon eco parking home.

Spokeswoman said the company is Essential in an email they regret the impact of this decision on their colleagues laid off and they’re doing what I can to help them in their future careers, adding they are confident that their focus on your products will help them in access to a product will change the rules for consumer products.

It is understood that the telephone company PH-1 which was launched by The did not notice sought by large and wide availability, and that its price higher as well as being suffered from a number of code errors, and hope for in the amendment to her phone, the new owner of the small screen-backed artificial intelligence in the coming days, which we have indicated earlier , perhaps that would be the way to stimulate him to a place at least among manufacturers of Android phones.

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