Company Essential stopped selling her smart phone and “portable product” new

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The company announced the “since” Essential, which was founded by Andy Rubin which is one of the Android developers who bought it from Google in 2005, to stop selling its smartphone first Essential Phone in order to focus on future products.

The announcement comes after it was observed Friday to phone and essentials become unavailable in most stores that sell it, including the website of your company. It also comes after the company launched recently a number of discounts on prices, which explained that the company is trying to dump their stock of the phone.

Confirmed the company “since” to 9to5Google that it will not make phone Essential Phone anymore. The company spokesman said of the website: “we sold all of our Essential Phone on the site we’re not adding any new inventory”.

Added the police spokesman: “We are now working hard on the middle of the following fields and we will continue to sell accessories and provide fast updates of programmes and customer support to our community.”

Referred to to stop the sale of phone Essential Phone is not surprising, since I didn’t have the phone, which was launched the first time in late 2017, in the basement, which had hoped for Andy Rubin, who returned to the coast from new in the past year through the company is Essential with a strong information campaign focused on that the new company will offer the smartphone market and the phone will change the equation completely.

It is interesting now that a spokesman for the company said it’s “working hard” to develop a product with the following fields. It is assumed that this refers to a new phone based on artificial intelligence began to talk about after the takeover “sees” the company “cloud magic” CloudMagic.

And for those who have the phone Essential Phone, the company confirms once again that the updates will continue. In the past, the company said that the device will get updated to Android Q scheduled in the next year. At present, the phone still holds the record as the fastest phones non-Google products in get the Android updates just hours after the phones pixels.

The gate Arab News Technical company Essential stopped selling her smart phone and “portable product” new

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