Company Essential stopped selling her phone

After receiving a phone Essential PH-1 famous on discounts has been stable recently, showed the company’s website yesterday and several stores sell it that the phone has been fully implemented, making the number of sites and technical magazines are available by asking a company Essential for the reason why, for the last few years they decided to stop the sale and production of the phone completely.

In a statement sent to 9to5Google by one of the representatives of the company, it was announced that Essential has succeeded in selling all the pieces of the phone via the official website without being re-thrown it there at any time again, while you are currently working hard on developing a new phone, even though continue to sell accessories and provide quick updates for all of the company’s existing customers.

In respect of the telephone company the next, the rumors suggest because it will work via voice commands, mainly to be what looks like an auxiliary device for users of smart main.

Refer latest reports that we may see the device during the events of the consumer electronics coming in 2019, which is not what separates us from him only several days.

This with regard to users phones Essential PH-1 current, confirmed the company continued to update the phone as we mentioned, although it’s sad to know stop the production and sell it completely.

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