Company Essential officially confirmed acquiring the startup CloudMagic

Essential PH-1

Essentials is a company that is known by many as an emerging company established by the founder of Android, and, of course, Mr. Andy Rubin. Now, it seems that the company’s Essential interested to expand to the apps and services because it has apparently acquired the startup CloudMagic.

And for those who have not heard about the company CloudMagic before, they are the same company which stands behind the development of the e-mail application famously known as the Newton Mail which has been closed for in late September. The company stressed that Essential process of the acquisition in a statement to TechCrunch, but it didn’t get stuck in details so that you reveal to us about the value of the transaction, as they didn’t reveal to us what you plan to do.

In the press release, stated the company is Essential by saying : ” We’re always looking for companies with technology and talent is a great help in speeding up the roadmap for our products. “ However, we would not be surprised in case if the application of Newton Mail will bring a new lease of life as a native in future updates to the phones Essential.

This step is familiar, we have seen other companies say the movements are similar. For example, the company Apple acquired the application Workflow, which eventually turned to Siri Shortcuts, and how can we forget about the process of acquisition of Service Music Beats Music that have been closed later and was re-launched under the name Apple Music.



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