Company Epic play by free achieve $ 3 billion profit in 2018

He said close to the gaming company Epic they made a net profit this year of $ 3 billion, where he was for the game by famous free an important role in the total profit according to Techcrunch, it is understood that the Epic does not advertise its explicitly but follow a firm and conservative in this aspect, where resort companies analyze data to monitor the numbers of players and download the game from stores and other information to gain access to data that would help predict profits in these cases.

And Eipic is not a game free alone is not considered income of the company only, but her fame and success continued to make it the main source of profit for the current year has stopped several companies analysis earlier in the year to achieve the game’s$ 2 million of earnings, due to the fact that the game became available on the platforms of different games from phones to computers, game consoles and operating systems for growing can be said to participate with$ 2 million may be less than the real figure.

In the statistic for the Sensor Tower was published in December showed that users free by iOS spend 1.23 billion daily total profit exceeds$ 385 per million in a period of eight months, users of iOS devices, reported other statistical center of analysis and research Super Data Research to the company’s revenue during the month of May was$ 318 per million of copies of the game on all different platforms.

It is expected to increase the profits to buy Epic next year according to analyst expectations due to being the police arrived, the value of the market of 15$ billion by 2018 high level provided by the company, particularly in its game free and don’t forget the role of a games company that owns popular by the audience players also owning company to follow her own.

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