Company emerging Chinese NIO considered appropriate Tesla with its electric car, the new NIO ES6

25-12-2018 14-42-33

The company announced the Chinese emerging, the NIO has recently launched its control a second electric NIO ES6. This new electric car is a mini version of its first electric car, the NIO ES8, which is equipped with five seats in total. As you can expect, the electric car of the new NIO ES6 new is cheaper compared to the electric car first so that the cost is equivalent to 51 thousand USD only.

The basic version of this new electric car will have a battery strongly 70kWh allow the car cut off distance of up to 410 kilometers before needing a recharge. There will be another version of the car NIO ES6 will Card strongly 84kWh allowing it to cut a distance of up to 480 kilometres before needing a recharge note that there is another version capable of cutting more space up to 510 kilometers.

All these three women will come with two engines electricians, as they will further touch-sensitive screen size 11.3 inch in the middle part of the dashboard and note that there is another screen behind the steering wheel to display important information such as speed. Of course, this car also comes with a range of sensors that allow with the help of the driver while driving such as maintaining the car within the lane, and automatic speed.

This new electric car also comes with many unique features such as artificial intelligence, NOMI, which is in the top middle section of the dashboard. As has been already mentioned, it has been officially announced about the launch of the new electric car, the NIO ES6, this means it will energies by the year 2019. Thus, this means that the company Tesla will face very strong competition from these Chinese company with its electric car Tesla Model Y to be disclosed in the month of March of the next year to serve as a smaller version of the car Tesla Model X current.

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