Company EA stealing 350 staff and I plan to continue it in Japan and Russia

شركة EA تسرح 350 موظفاً وتتبني خطة لتقليص تواجدها في اليابان وروسيا

Announced Electronics. Arts (EA) announced layoffs of 350 employees from its staff of $ 9000 staff and distributors on the branches of the company around the world, where the police reported that the operations of the dispensing staff of the long sections of the advertising and marketing and they also referred to the plan to reduce its work in both Japan and Russia.

It can be concluded that the layoffs did not come from a vacuum but reflect the difficult time come the police, as the video game market growing in number of competitors day after day, which means that the company should be up to the challenge that will face in the next few years, so maybe this is a step proactive to maintain its position in this area.

Commented the company’s CEO Andrew Wilson on the layoffs in the context of the email that carried the news, they as a company have a vision to be the largest gaming companies globally, but their feet never set foot in that place even now, and perhaps this explains in one way or another the company has adopted a plan to reduce ground work and exploitation of a sizable number of employees may be utilized in the investment of the last raises the profile of the company in the future.

On the other hand, said the spokesperson of the company that they will find solutions for people who have been affected by this decision and assigning them to the roles of other as well as the help that they left the company and provide them with the resources.

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