Company Dyson was decided to establish a new factory in Singapore to produce its first electric car

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Announced Dyson the most well-known of its home in the last year it will make its own electric car. The company is moving forward in its plan revealed now they will build a plant to manufacture its electric car in Singapore. The company announced this week that members of its board of Directors has agreed on the construction of the first car manufacturing plant in Singapore.

Tell Dyson he has been chosen Singapore as the location of the plant due to its proximity to developing markets in Asia. It is planned to complete construction of the plant in the year 2020, will be the launch of the electric car itself in the following year.

The company has selected several locations and was in discussions with the government before settling on Singapore. It is worth mentioning that this step is not the first to buy a Dyson in the country, it employs many engineers from Singapore who make electric motors for a variety of other products such as vacuum cleaners.

The manufacturing facilities of other buy Dyson in the Philippines and Malaysia. Despite being a British company, but it manufactures its devices abroad. Being developed to control the first electric company in the research and Development Department of the company in the county of Wiltshire in the United Kingdom, will be manufactured at the factory which will be built now in Singapore once it is completed and start the company in production.


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