Company Dolby is working on the application to record songs to portable devices


As all of you probably know, the musicians prefer recording in the studio using the equipment and software more professional, and one of the advantages of the studio is that they isolate the sound better. However, according to a new report released recently from the site TechCrunch, it seems that the company Dolby is working on a downloadable application carries the code name ” 234 ” which allows users to ease shopping during development.

Of course, there are currently many shopping apps designed for smartphones, with the knowledge that most smart phones already come with the application of audio recording. However, it seems that one of the main differences between the application of Dolby’s new this application is that the application of Dolby would be smart enough to measure background noise and cancel it during the registration process.

What this means is that if you’re recording in a location that is ideal where there may be the sound of the fan or the air conditioner or the traffic, it is Theory, will be able to apply Dolby capture these sounds in order to cancel it, as happens in the heavens with noise cancellation. Users will be able to also improve their recordings using various sound effects.

Company refused to Dolby to comment on the report of TechCrunch, but the latter presents some evidence like website where users can sign up to test this app, but was canceled this site since then. It looks like the application is interesting, but it remains to be seen how it will perform in real life.


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