Company Dolby developed an application that helps in recording of images on phones the quality of the studio

شركة Dolby طورت تطبيق يساعد في تسجيل الصوت على الهواتف بجودة الأستديو

You think companies Dolby a leader in the audio visual world, speaking of sound system most of the electronic and smart devices that are running Dolby boasts of its capacity, which confirms the size of the Tend those technology that gives the user a unique voice while listening.

And it seems that the company wants to raise its presence on smart phones, so the work on the application to record the sound quality is very high compare to the quality of the sound recording in the studio; the app which is now called the name of the “234” is based on a survey of the noise and clean any impurities in the place of the ocean once it is running, in order for the user to register images without any external influences – we can say that it acts as a sound insulation for the style of heaven.

شركة Dolby طورت تطبيق يساعد في تسجيل الصوت على الهواتف بجودة الأستديو

Also, the app offers other advantages when recording the audio for the presentation quality, the way you’re working on sound equipment in the studios (mixer), then the user can share photos on social network developed by the company, or even on the platform SoundCloud.

According to website TechCrunch, the Dolby was testing the app since last July, there is also a website allows the shopping to test the service, but it seems that the company has suspended the link as soon as the news spread, especially as it has not officially announced it.

The task now is to launch the application that the possibilities of leading companies such as Dolby, because it would techniques great for people who record voices or videos for a variety of purposes such as podcasts and songs without having to pay a lot of money to rent a studio or develop one.

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