Company Delivery get 210 thousand m2 of factory building in Shanghai

شركة تسلا تحصل على 210 ألف م2 لبناء مصنعها في شانغهاي

Got the delivery company of America last Wednesday on the 210 thousand square meters of factory building in the commercial city of China-New Long located in Shanghai, which would be called Gigafactory 3, to be the source of the second company and the first outside the country, where the agreement was signed by executives and two chairmen of the commission of economy and information in Shanghai in addition to all of the immunization and the group of long and Shanghai.

This is a very important step for development and expansion outside the borders of the United States, particularly in relation to market its car in China, where high shipping costs and lack of privileges of customs duties for selected locally manufactured to make it in a situation outside of the competition, source new would be an ideal solution to this problem which has prompted the company to deal in accomplishing this.

And the text of the agreement last July between the Tesla and the government of Shanghai which was the introduction to the construction of the plant, to delivery to provide the Chinese market with of 500,000 electric cars per year, where it will take the arrival of the police for this reduction of production duration ranging from two to three after the completion of the building.

He said the company’s vice president of global sales that the possession of land for the construction of Gigafactory-3 is an important point about what will be the manufacturing location following the company, as the agreement allows for the construction and operation of its plant fully without buying local as our Chinese law regarding the investment of foreign companies, as part of the changes made by the Chinese President in this regard in the country, where he said earlier that his country will be rid of the law of joint investment gradually by the year 2020, to be delivered the first beneficiaries of this decision to its source in the heart of Liang and wholly responsible for the operations, research and development and there.

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